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Broken Brain

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When you have a migraine do you get a funny/ awful taste in your mouth?

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Post  Antonella Novi Sat May 10, 2014 3:13 pm

It stabs my eye with an ice pick
to the core of the meat 
twist and Yank
cracking temples in a vice grip
hammer through bone and gristle
take that sharpened fork, heated
sear my tender neck 
claw it off my tightened shoulders
with dull saw my jaw ragged
twist out each tooth, nerves alive
melting into the numb oblivion
senstitve flesh shivers
mouth waters with contained spew
as the taste of rot and banannas Overwhelm
every little sound so deafening
chews off my ears.
is this what death feels like.
no. no.

just a Migraine

Antonella Novi

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