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Why AAN hide my migraine treatment?

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Why AAN hide my migraine treatment? Empty Why AAN hide my migraine treatment?

Post  migrainepoints Wed Oct 17, 2018 11:05 am

According to AAN in 2000 the first reason of suicide in youth was migraine headaches. American Academy of Neurology know about my migraine treatment since 2001 when they refused to accept my abstract for thier Congress.
Why they hide my migraine treatment that can stop all kinds of migraine headaches?
Who can or dare to go after the truth?
For AAN the money of pharmaceutical industry was more important than migraine patients lives.
the real end for all kinds of migraine headaches was done in 1998 when I discoverd the migraine finger pressure points that can stop migraine headaches if we do it as must be done.
You can see this video to learn how to do finger pressure for frontal migraine and for occipital migraine.
then you can do at your home your migraine device as shown step by step how you can do it in this video:
You can read this interview:


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