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Do migraines ever just disappear?

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Do migraines ever just disappear? Empty Do migraines ever just disappear?

Post  PatS Tue Aug 23, 2016 9:27 am

I started getting migraines at age 46- menopausal I suspect. I have been having 3-4 migraines a month for almost 20 years now. I have taken every triptan there is.
My question is- do you ever outgrow migraines? They magically appeared, will they magically go away? Just stop happening?
Pat Stanton
Los Angeles


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Do migraines ever just disappear? Empty Re: Do migraines ever just disappear?

Post  Migrainegirl Tue Aug 23, 2016 1:44 pm

For some people they do, and for others apparently not. At 55 I'm still waiting.....

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Do migraines ever just disappear? Empty Re: Do migraines ever just disappear?

Post  tortoisegirl Tue Aug 23, 2016 9:08 pm

For some they do, but it seems like its more likely for them to get worse over time (or if they get better it often seems due to treatment, not by itself).

Likely your best bet is to explore all treatment avenues. If your doctor isn't offering you any more options, try a new doctor. Best case, a true headache specialist, a neurologist who sees headache patients all day every day (the major headache & migraine society websites have lists). They will have much more expertise than a general neuro who treats a number of other conditions too.

At 3-4 migraines a month, especially if they are severe / don't respond well to abortive meds, it may be time to consider a preventive therapy (such as a daily medication to try to reduce their frequency and/or severity). Other options are alternative therapies (acupuncture, massage, pt, etc), natural supplements, Cefaly, Spring TMS, etc (you wouldn't qualify for Botox as that requires 15 days/month).

Do Triptans help? If none of the 7? Triptans have helped, there are other abortive med options to try, like ergots and NSAIDs. If the issue is that they take too long to kick in or you have issues with oral meds due to gastro migraine symptoms, some people do well with an alternative delivery method (injection or nasal spray). There are also several nausea med options if you need that.

Definitely keep trying, and educate yourself, as we have to be our own advocates...although we need doctors to write prescriptions, they can't really help all that much in a 15 minute visit every few months. Best wishes.


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Do migraines ever just disappear? Empty Re: Do migraines ever just disappear?

Post  Mini Thu Sep 08, 2016 7:45 am

I understand all about post-menopausal M. I have had M since childhood, they were different in terms of variety of symptoms connected with it, and varied in intensity and frequency.
With menopause they became almost constant, but not as intense as the earlier PMT kind of M which were unbearably bad.

The post-menopausal M were not quite at this level, but because of the constant pain, they made my life complete misery, day, after, day. I did get some improvement when I gave up a the OTC painkillers (they were not doing much good, anyway) and went on a preventative in my case Gabapentin and Sumatriptan, when needed. But still, I was not completely free of them. I was on HRT ever since my menopause started and it was extremely helpful in terms of other nasty menopausal symptoms.

After about 15 years of HRT my GP began to insist that I give them up, because of possible breast cancer connection. I was very reluctant to give it up, though, because when I tried I had difficulty in sleeping and also developed hot flushes, so I kept taking them until, a new GP said that she insist I stop and this time I did. I was not happy, but after several months I have adjusted and hot flushes are now more rare and sleep is not too bad.

The thing is that it took me a while, to realise that suddenly my head is much better. That my monthly supply of Sumatriptan is piling up, because I do not need it so much. I was not sure at first, because I have other health issues to deal with, but after a year or so I began to realise that my M are almost gone. That I have weeks when I am practically M free. Which is like a miracle.

I still have some problem in my upper spine which is causing problems where my spine joins the skull, but this pain is caused by my spine problems and is not the M. It is closely connected to the weather, and I was told this kind of pain is rheumatic in origin.

My M, I ma ha[[y to say, is no longer something that has ruled my life anymore.

I am almost afraid to write this because I do not want to challenge the fate. But yes, my M as such is practically gone. It took so many years to get rid of it, I never dared to hope that the day will come. I still can hardly believe it.

Unfortunately I have other health issues which made my life difficult so I cannot take full advantage of the freedom from the constant head pain.

I am not sure if HRT was to blame for my post-menopausal M pain, but I cannot dismiss that it was at least to a great degree, responsible for it because stopping it made such a dramatic change difference, in terms of my head pain..


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Do migraines ever just disappear? Empty Re: Do migraines ever just disappear?

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