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My first migraine. Please help!

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My first migraine. Please help! Empty My first migraine. Please help!

Post  MissLindsey Thu Jul 18, 2013 2:27 pm

I'm 23 years old, and I went to the emergency care for severe head and neck pain on my left side. That was over a week ago, and my symptoms haven't subsided despite multiple shots, fioricet, and tramadol. My drs are puzzled because no one in my family has ever had even headache problems, especially not migraines. They did an MRI and blood tests to rule out other causes and settled on it being a migraine. It's been over a week, and at this point I am depressed and crying and lonely bc I can't leave my house. Even the family practitioners here have a months wait for new patients. I feel like death. Any advice would be so very appreciated.


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My first migraine. Please help! Empty Re: My first migraine. Please help!

Post  Migrainegirl Thu Jul 18, 2013 4:35 pm


So sorry to hear it. Your general practitioner should be able able to prescribe a triptan and pain meds to get you through until you see a specialist. I also recommend ice packs for the head and a cool wet wash cloth across the fore head. It won't make it go away, but it will make you feel somewhat better while you wait it out.

When you get in to see a specialist they will likely try you on various preventatives if this becomes a chronic problem. You may get lucky with that approach or maybe not. Many people find there are side effects.
Other approaches include natural supplements, accupuncture, massage and Botox.

But if this is your first one you may not need to go down that route. Those things are more for chronic migraine (15 or more days per month, or in a cycle of 1 or more per week). The main thing is to break the migraine. Sometimes you just have to wait it out.

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My first migraine. Please help! Empty Re: My first migraine. Please help!

Post  Mini Thu Jul 18, 2013 5:02 pm

I am so sorry that you have been affected by this condition so badly, and so suddenly.
But please do no despair. There are several remedies that your doctor could try to break this constant pain.

Imitrex which is a medication especially invented for migraines, has been very effective for many of us. But try 100mg rather the 50mg which is prescribed by some doctors and is less effective. There are also other medications in this group of triptans such as Zomig and they can be prescribed by your GP.

There are also steroid and lidocaine injections into the base of your head, which can be quite effective in breaking the pain cycle, but this must be done by the neurologist. Or you can ask your GP for a short course (5 days) of oral prendisone which is very effective, but this must not be used very often.

We understand how isolating and scary migraine can be, so we all empathise with you very much.
Do you have any idea what caused this attack? What was the trigger that started it? Sometimes it helps to know what could be triggering our M episodes. Things like noise, lights, smells or weather, such as storms. many of us are also sensitive to some foods which can trigger bad M.

Read more posts here about triggers to see if some of this could be of help.
One things is certain: you are not alone. WE understand such pain and how it changes everything.

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My first migraine. Please help! Empty Re: My first migraine. Please help!

Post  tortoisegirl Thu Jul 18, 2013 10:01 pm

Sorry you are suffering. If there is really no doctor that has less than a month wait, could you go to an urgent care center? They can see less critical cases than an ER, and may be able to prescribe some meds for you to try to break the cycle, such as a Triptan, antibiotic, steroid, muscle relaxer, etc. That is quite the shock to have your first migraine last a week so far.

You really do need to see a specialist though to rule out other conditions. Are you having any other symptoms, like sensitivity to light and/or sound, or nausea? Without those and without family history, they should more thoroughly consider other conditions that cause a one-sided headache. Hemicrania Continua for example. Indomethacin is tried for that. Best wishes.


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My first migraine. Please help! Empty Re: My first migraine. Please help!

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