Vitamin D and chronic migraine

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Vitamin D and chronic migraine

Post  Paradox on Mon Feb 01, 2010 2:29 pm

My GP's office just called and my cholesterol is high (expected it) but they also said my Vitamin D was very low. I had 14 and they want it at at least 30.

So I googled it and viola...ton's of links linking it to migraine, cardiovascular disease and fibro. I'm going to research it more tomorrow when I'm not on a dial-up connection.

Here's the article I looked at.

I start on prescription strength Vit. D tonight. The nurse said instead of 10,000 units like otc it has 50,000 units (don't quote me on those numbers, I was in DEEP nap when she called). I'm to take it twice a week. She said it could help with the migraines plus with my energy levels. Wouldn't that be lovely? Very Happy

Just found another article that links it to lower back pain. Hmmm...

Wonder why my neuro never looked at this?


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Re: Vitamin D and chronic migraine

Post  pen on Mon Feb 01, 2010 3:19 pm

I have wonderd about my Vit D but seems in England they dont check us for most things.
I have also read loads on this, and it seems valid.
I too am Fibro person...
I dont believe Fibro migraine and IBS etc are co morbid, I believe they are linked, strongly.


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