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Migraine research

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Migraine research Empty Migraine research

Post  Debbie123 Sun Feb 07, 2016 7:25 pm

We are looking to connect with migraine sufferers in order to ask for their assistance and participation in a proposed proof of concept study using an all natural and safe product.

Quite by accident, some individuals who were using an all natural cold product were reporting that the product appeared to prevent their migraines from developing and/or dramatically reduce the pain and length of their attack.

We are hoping that migraine sufferers who are searching for headache/ migraine relief would be willing to try an approved OTC product currently licensed in Canada and sold in both health stores and drug stores.

Our objective is to test the product with a small group in advance of clinical trials, as this will help us determine our next steps and how we proceed.

All ingredients in the product have been approved by Health Canada; it is safe, convenient and easy to use. For more information and your free sample to participate in the study, please email debbielm@rogers (dot) com Thank you.


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