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Migraine research on homocysteines

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Migraine research on homocysteines  Empty Migraine research on homocysteines

Post  lissy Tue Jan 11, 2011 3:10 am

Hi everyone

I came across an interesting migraine study conducted by a Professor Lyn Griffiths at a University in Australia. The basis of the study identified a gene and abnormally high levels of homocysteines. I contacted her for more information and part of her response is as follows (please know I'm not trying to advertise anything):

"We recently identified a mutation in a gene called MTHFR that occurs in ~20% of migraineurs and results in an abnormally high level of a chemical called homocysteine. It has been known that the level of this chemical can be reduced in the bloodstream by increasing folate and vitamin B in the diet. So last year we undertook a trial in migraineurs to test the effect of these vitamin supplements on migraine. The result was- yes a reduction in homocysteine - but more importantly a reduction in migraine frequency, disability and severity- see attached outlines. This won't work for all migraine sufferers, only those with the mutation and you cannot tell you have this without DNA sequencing.
folate 500 micrograms
B6 25 milligrams
B12 400 micrograms
- we had no adverse effects in our trial and the only contraindication could be if you are pregnant or have been diagnosed currently with cancer "

I'm going to have a chat to my Naturopath next week about this as it may be something worth trying for me. Lyn also sent me a copy of the study completed with all the details and if anyone is interested, let me know and I can email it to you (couldn't figure out how to add attachments).

Has anyone else heard of this before? I am certainly not advocating it but I just thought someone might be interested in it like I was.



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Migraine research on homocysteines  Empty Re: Migraine research on homocysteines

Post  mxgo Tue Jan 11, 2011 6:28 am

Lissy, here is an article from the NYC Headache Center saying the same thing about homocysteines:


Also, here is a forum devoted to B12/Folic Acid deficiencies:
Note, that three tests, according to the author of the forum's book, that should be taken to verify the deficiency.

My homocysteine levels were low and Vitamin B12 levels high. So I am Ok in that regard. However, the Vit D levels were very low. I see my PCP next week.

With the muscle tightness and cramping, I thought I would check out my B12 and D levels, to see if that might be the cause of my headaches.


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Migraine research on homocysteines  Empty Re: Migraine research on homocysteines

Post  MaryAnneLive Tue Jan 11, 2011 8:57 pm

I think that this is very interesting work. I think that the MTHFR gene was the one that they had associated with familial Hemepligic migraines. I actually asked to be tested for this gene when I was pregnant. I have a cousin who also suffers terribly with the migraines. When her first was born he had terrible clotting, stroke and seizure problems. They associated it with the MTHFR gene. I thought that must be the reason for my migraines too and wanted to make sure the baby I was growing got the best care. Thankfully I am negative for the gene and my homocystine levels are normal.

Does anyone else think that they will some day find out the "migraine" is really about 100 different disorders?

Thanks for posting,


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Migraine research on homocysteines  Empty Re: Migraine research on homocysteines

Post  Paradox Tue Jan 11, 2011 9:16 pm

Yes,Mary Anne, I absolutely believe that.

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Migraine research on homocysteines  Empty Re: Migraine research on homocysteines

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