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The strange world weather and migraine

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The  strange world weather and migraine Empty The strange world weather and migraine

Post  Mini Sat Jun 01, 2013 4:50 am

Since we are spread in so many different countries all over the world, I wonder if it is just my impression, but the usual weather patterns have gone completely mad over the last year, or two.

For several years now we are being told to expect the rapid warming of the earth climate - and this might still be the case - but, here in UK there is no sign of any warming, in fact we have not only experinced the coldest spring in 50 years but also last summer we had the greatest summer rainfall since the records began. There was no summer.

Strangely enough, during this last spring my head was not too bad, maybe because the sunshine is a bad trigger for me, and we had percious little of that.

So it would be interesting to know if in your country you have been also experincing any unusual weather patterns in the last year, or two and if so, how it is affecting your migraine.

Did you notice any positive, or negative connection between the two.

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