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Music for WorkOuts/Low Pain Times

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Music for WorkOuts/Low Pain Times Empty Music for WorkOuts/Low Pain Times

Post  carlajo Sun Jun 05, 2011 5:44 pm

Hi Everyone-

I have been trying to get out and walk/jog/run since it is finally feeling like summer here! sunny Some days I am on the Treadmill a little bit and others I am outside! So far it is helping my migraines if I don't "over do" it. I am noticing a difference in some of the Daily Headaches/Migraines that I have most days. I am hoping I can keep this up!! bounce

Was wondering what is some music you all enjoy listening to during your workouts or during a walk? I would love to add to my Music collection on my IPod!! I am excited to hear what you all listen to during "low pain" or workout times!! Very Happy

Thank you!! Smile


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Music for WorkOuts/Low Pain Times Empty Re: Music for WorkOuts/Low Pain Times

Post  Mini Mon Jun 06, 2011 2:01 am

Glad you are enjoying a better weather, and is is great news about lower levels of pain, Carlajo.
I am in UK and we also have had unusually cold and dull early summer (and spring).

I do not exercise much, I am not keen on exrcise since it always bores me to death, so I am affriad I do not do it, but I do go for walks, and also when I do housework I often listen to music which is "energising".
I like strong rhytms, but my likes and dislikes in this respects change often because I get bored if I listen too something too often.

As I said I live in UK, so lately my favourite is Paolo Nutini (Do you know him? He is so talented, and so clever!) also always Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson and Elvis and any Motown are a "safe bet" for me and I keep returning to them.

There is so much on my iPOd that was put there, by friends or family, I often do not even know what I am listening to, or where it came from, so often I listen at random, and just move on to the next one, if something does not suit my mood.

I also have lots of calm, soothing music, a kind that sends me to sleep, or makes me restful. I can listen to it quietly, especially when I am not feeling too good as itputs me in different state of mind.
Music does affect my mood, and I find that the right music can make me much more energetic even when I do not feel like it.
Sorry I have not been very helpful, but I will be also interested to hear other's suggestions for some lively music.

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Music for WorkOuts/Low Pain Times Empty Re: Music for WorkOuts/Low Pain Times

Post  Brenda Mon Jun 06, 2011 4:06 pm

I don't get to go walking much anymore. Between the migraines and living in an area with no sidewalks where it's not safe to walk I don't do it much. I used to have the walking with Richard Simmons program. I know people laugh at him, but I always found him to be a great motivator. His program started out slow and built the pace before slowing down for a cooldown period again. It was about an hour llong I think. He'd throw in funny comments along the way. I loved it.

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Music for WorkOuts/Low Pain Times Empty Re: Music for WorkOuts/Low Pain Times

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