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CoQ10 and butterbur

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CoQ10 and butterbur Empty CoQ10 and butterbur

Post  dcook60 Wed Jan 26, 2011 9:50 am

the search function of this forum leaves much to be desired. i KNOW for sure, that CoQ10 has been discussed here, but with my shot memory i can't recall much, nor does searching turn up anything.

what i'd like feedback on, please, especially from those members who are drug-and-supplement-sensitive, is: what brands have the least amount of extraneous, possible allergenic ingredients?

some have had success with this stuff, but it's expensive and i want to know more about it before i try it for the second or third time. (those times i tried were years ago)

btw, i took 5 months' worth of swanson butterbur, and did think, at least early on, that it might be helping. now, i think it was wishful thinking on my part, or placebo effect. drat. dianne

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CoQ10 and butterbur Empty Re: CoQ10 and butterbur

Post  mxgo Thu Jan 27, 2011 11:42 am

Diane, maybe this web site will provide you some of the information on CoQ10 that you are seeking:


i have been using the Jarrow CoQ10 formula, mostly to offset the statin and age depletion of the CoQ10. I've had no adverse effects from it.

As to the effects on my chronic daily headaches, I do not know if it does any good. The same with the Petadolex, so I stopped taking it.


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