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missed appointment

Post  gailgigi on Fri Jan 10, 2014 4:20 pm

I had an appointment earlier this week. I could not get up to go due to debilitating pain. I will be charged for the appointment. I won't be going back as I can't pay. I find it so disheartening that this disease is not understood by the average person. They don't get that it can be and is debilitating. If this was a situation that could be seen it would be understood. As it is invisible it seems to me that people don't believe it's there. I am trying not to go into the pits of despair over this. It's enough to cope with the pain. Having to deal with people's complete lack of empathy is almost too much.

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Re: missed appointment

Post  tortoisegirl on Sat Jan 11, 2014 1:46 pm

Sorry you were having such bad pain. Dealing with any repercussions of a missed appointment is enough, without the fee, and for you, considering a new doctor because of it. Some of the smaller practices may allow a patient to have one or two missed appointments, especially due to medical reasons and if they call to say what is happening.

But it seems like the larger ones have strict policies. I imagine as otherwise folks would take advantage of it and not show up for their appointments whenever anything came up. It also depends on the area and specific practice of course.

Have you tried calling to negotiate the fee, saying what was gong on, you can't afford it, etc? Especially if you have been a patient awhile it could help. I assume this was a medical appointment and you have insurance but since they couldn't bill it, they are charging you a full appointment fee?

Maybe you can at least negotiate from the full cost to a fee such as $25 or $50. I'd also be cautious on ignoring any bill you may get for it as they may take even a small cost to collections, depending on their circumstances. I know how unpredictable this pain can be; its not like you give 3 days notice that you won't be able to make the appointment! Hang in there. Best wishes.


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Re: Missed Appointment

Post  Cindy*W on Sat Jan 18, 2014 10:07 pm

I think calling and asking to negotiate a lower fee for the missed appointment is a good idea.

Since it is the first one, maybe they will let it go all together.

I know at the clinic I go to if you miss two appts with a no call, no show, they dismiss you.

But that is only if you don't let them know you won't be coming.

I would call them and see what they will do for you.

You would think that they would understand your situation and maybe they will.

Completely understand where you are coming from and how frustrating it can be.

In my thread about my last ER visit, I was really frustrated about how that student nurse talked to me.

It really was awful and to be in pain made it even worse.

Let us know what they say.

Good Luck!


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Re: missed appointment

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