a couple food triggers that i can't pin down as triggers.

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a couple food triggers that i can't pin down as triggers.

Post  thekrstring on Fri Apr 12, 2013 2:29 am

Hi everyone. a quick list of things I can't figure out as triggers or not triggers google is basically useless as most of the info applies to the lucky few who get a migraine about once a year and want to avoid it, poor poor people that they are. uhm anyway ive been getting migraines all week and i've narrowed it down to either Rice milk, olive oil, craft cheese like the slices, pasta noodles, corn, or garlic that would be foods that I eat but don't know if they are triggers. oh and oatmeal. p.s does anyone have any saving graces to not starving to death due to all the possible triggers in food. i.e cheap wholesome foods for migraineurs.


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Re: a couple food triggers that i can't pin down as triggers.

Post  Seaine on Fri Apr 12, 2013 7:22 am

I recommend you cut out all artificial food colorings. It's in a lot of foods you might not suspect. In America it's listed as "color added" "artificial color" or "red #40" or "yellow #5" etc.

It can be in Quaker instant oatmeal, the flavored kinds. It is in sliced cheese - but only the kind in fast food restaurants, not the kind you buy at the store. It's in candies, it's in vanilla cake, a lot of types of chips, the list goes on. It's also in your toothpaste, which even if you don't swallow your toothpaste it still gets in your system.

I used to have terrible migraines nearly everyday and I too couldn't pinpoint triggers. It's impossible to tell what your trigger is when it's in so many foods! Try cutting artificial food coloring out, including your toothpaste. Get Tom's of Maine brand toothpaste, which has no artificial coloring.

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Re: a couple food triggers that i can't pin down as triggers.

Post  Mini on Sat Apr 13, 2013 2:47 pm

Yes, you can have a healthy diet and at the same time avoid most triggers.

From the foods you mention I know for certain that olive oil, any corn and corn products and any cheese, are bad M triggers for me. I also suspect that your rice milk might have some soya product added and soya is a well know trigger since it contains naturally produced MSG (monosodioum glutamate) which is also often added to all sorts of food as a flavouring agent.

Can you use normal milk instead of rice, and sunflower oil instead of oilive oil? But rememebr that trigges sometimes cause M even 48 hours after eating offending food.

The best way you can find out is to have a migraine diary.

It is not that difficult to find alternatives to most of the foods containing triggers. I cook my meals from basic products so I know what is in the food I am eating. MY list of triggers is very long, but I have a very healthy diet with lots of vegetables, fruit and protein and since I have done so (many years ago) I have managed to avoid dozens of M which I would get if I was easing trigger foods, every year. I still get M, several times a month (since some triggers, such as weather, smells and lights) but not as many as I did in the past.

Yes, it takes lots of trial and error in the begining, and a strong motivation as well, but if I can avoid any M it is worth it as far as I am concerned.
IT has made lots of difference, becasue when I am away from home, and must eat food which is prepared by others, I often get bad M as a result.

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Re: a couple food triggers that i can't pin down as triggers.

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