Headache return(daily)--Medrol dose pack question

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Headache return(daily)--Medrol dose pack question

Post  Beldame on Fri May 11, 2012 12:21 am

Hello: it has been a long time (years) since I have posted on a Migraine discussion forum--I think I used to post on older version of this page. My headaches got well under control and I felt it would be good for me not to be thinking/writing about them for a while as it led to my over 'identifying' with them...

Apologies if that sounds selfish. Anyway, guess what?

Slowly over last few months headaches are back and this last month w. a vengeance (daily: a few have been very serious pain and nausea, others merely very unpleasant, a very few mild): So, I have (re)found my way to this forum.

I have been warding off pain with Maxalt primarily, occasionally Zomig, occasionally taking a break and using Fiorenal -- only three times in the last month because of rebound issues etc. Sometimes trying OTC meds first and on a very few days able to make do with OTC meds alone sometimes in combination with something to put me to sleep.

I am aware of medication "overuse" issue but...uh...I don't think that's what's going on as the shift to "daily" migraines sort of came out of nowhere and I have consulted Doctor on this. But it's also true that just stopping all meds is...uh...easier said than done.

When nausea is very bad I take promethazine but it completely knocks me out for 10-12 hours, so only in emergency.

Saw my Doctor today who suggested we try Medrol Dose pack to just stop this cycle and when (I would say IF) we do, I am going to try Gabapentin as preventive.

Two queries: Started Medrol Dose pack today...it's a bit rough on my digestive system. Does anyone have any suggestions about that (Diarrhea/nausea--both mild but it's just day 1).

Second question: So far, after starting Medrol dose pack today, my headache is BACK, not a severe one, but bad enough and it suddenly occurred to me that my Doctor and I had forgotten to talk about medicine combos...I have checked online sites and think I know what's what but thought I would ask people who might have experience with this:

Will it be okay to take a Maxalt with Dose pack? Fiorenal? Alleve? Other meds? I have already taken Tylenol (which is basically like taking nothing, but...)

Oh--and about when should the Dose Pack kick in? Soon please...

One additional question: I have been looking for alternatives to Maxalt in the triptan family. Zomig seems to work but Relpax is less effective and Imitrex gives me bad side effects (I feel as if a large bruise is spreading all through my body). Those of you who do well w. Maxalt? What other triptans have worked for you?

Thank you for reading the above...I know this is jumping in w. a lot of questions for someone who might as well be new to site...


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Re: Headache return(daily)--Medrol dose pack question

Post  carlajo on Sun May 13, 2012 8:39 pm

I am sorry your headaches are back...

I have used the Medrol Dose Pack lots of times. It always helps me a lot, one of the only things that can break up a cycle of daily headaches. I have had some stomach issues with it, but i find if I eat when I take it it does help a little bit. Only for the first day or two tho, since those days are the strongest doses I suppose.

For me the Medrol kicks in by the end of the second day, mabye a little sooner.

For me the hardest thing is the taste-don't they just taste AWFUL??

For some reason my Neuro only lets me have it a few times a year, but boy it sure does help for me, for a while anyway!

I hope you get relief and let me know if you have any other questions!



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Re: Headache return(daily)--Medrol dose pack question

Post  Beldame on Sun Jun 03, 2012 5:32 pm

A belated thank you Carlajo--the Medrol does pack was effective in breaking through the daily headache cycle, though the effects took a few days to kick in. At one point it was even as though I was putting it to the test since the last day I was on it, I had a very stressful work day and a very delayed meal (major triggers) and I did okay.

And I was also fine the next few days enabling me to enjoy a short weekend trip w. no headaches! A rarity in the last few months since migraine returned.

I am now on a preventive (Gabapentin) which seems at least a little helpful. (Oddly enough I recently had very minor surgery for something else and they gave me Hydrocodone, but I am almost 100 percent certain it will trigger an awful migraine so I'm barreling through the post-surgery pain w. Adville.)

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Re: Headache return(daily)--Medrol dose pack question

Post  dcook60 on Sun Jun 03, 2012 5:48 pm

i've resorted to a dosepak several times in the past many years, and it has usually taken a few days to kick in.

maxalt: this is my never-fails drug, along with amerge (generic name naratriptan). DO NOT take them both in the same 24-hour period, nor any other triptan the same day as any other.

what i do is alternate the two, and i'm fortunate to have a generous supply of each, now that i'm on a medicare 'drug plan'. it's about the only good thing about being old, i guess.......dianne

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RE: Medrol Dose Pack Question

Post  Faithtofreedom on Sun Jun 03, 2012 9:45 pm

Just want to say that steriods of any kind have increased the migraine symptoms I have instead of decreasing them. However, we are all different and what works for one may not work for someone else. Looking forward to hearing how this course of treatment does with you. I am sorry you are going thru all this again.


Faith aka Diana


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Re: Headache return(daily)--Medrol dose pack question

Post  Beldame on Fri Jun 15, 2012 12:59 am

The medrol dose pack worked for me definitely, breaking this unexpected very, very bad cycle--but obviously it's not something you can do very often because of side-effects/risks etc.

So far the Gabapentin has been helpful as a preventive. Though it's too soon to be sure as I've only been on it about a month.

It also seems to me that now that I use the abortives less often (since starting the Gabapentin) that they have become more effective -- or, strictly speaking, they have gone back to being nearly as effective as they were when I first used them and before the headaches became constant the last few months.

Thanks for responses.


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Re: Headache return(daily)--Medrol dose pack question

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