nerve decompression surgery for chronic daily headache

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nerve decompression surgery for chronic daily headache

Post  Laura on Thu Mar 22, 2012 6:59 am

Has anyone had experience with nerve decompression surgery for chronic daily headache?

I've been learning about it online. As far as I can find it is available in only a limited number of places.

Here are links describing it:

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Re: nerve decompression surgery for chronic daily headache

Post  tortoisegirl on Thu Mar 22, 2012 7:14 pm

Take a look at some discussions on MD Junction, in the NDPH and Occipital Neuralgia forums. In general, you will find discussions about it (including folks who have had it) in the ON groups. My personal opinion is that it is too risky. I have heard of folks being left with permanent nerve damage/pain/discomfort. Also, if it doesn't work, who knows what future procedures it may prevent you from trying.

If it were me, I would look more at an occipital nerve stimulator with leads added to reach the forehead (and actually I am looking into this). More types of headaches have been shown to be helped and I think its lower risk. Plus, they do an external non-surgical trial, so you are pretty darn sure it will work if you go through with the surgery. Main problem is lead migration, but doctors are perfecting their techniques.

Its hard to find doctors doing either procedure though (often they don't advertise online, although offhand I know that Dr Reed in Dallas does the stim surgery with the front leads, and is training other doctors to do it). I wouldn't even consider one without the front leads as before then I didn't hear too good of results from it with the tension type of daily headache I have (it couldn't even get FDA approval for headache). They are using several models of spinal cord stimulators for this, most of which can handle four leads (so, 2 back and 2 front). You definitely want a doctor with a lot of experience. Best wishes.


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