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19 years of migraine/ NDPH

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19 years of migraine/ NDPH Empty 19 years of migraine/ NDPH

Post  sailingmuffin Fri Oct 28, 2016 9:06 pm

On October 28' 1997, my life changed forever. I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing at the moment this headache began. I was on the field hockey field at school. I wasn't hit by the ball. All of a sudden, the player turned into purple spots and I saw the zig zag lines that meant I was getting a migraine. I signaled the coach and she pulled me out. I went to the infirmary and got my migraine medicine. I didn't know that I would stil be fighting the same headache years later or that it would the beginning of an insane journey through hell and heaven. I just knew I had a migraine.

When the headache hadn't let up a week later, my mother flew up and took me to a neurologist. It was my 17th birthday present. Two weeks later, just before my brother's wedding my mother gave some advice that I have valued ever since. "Just take the medals, put on the dress and smile!" I have done this many times. Sometimes it is a good strategy sometimes it isn't.

Over the course of the last last 19 years,
I've seen more neurologist than most people will in a lifetime. I stopped counting at 20
I've taken almost every mediation prescribed for migraine to little or no avail
I've made friends.
I graduated from high school and college on time- something many doctors told me would never happen
I've learned the art of bribery- "take me to the hospital and I will buy you dinner" became an acceptable thing to ask close friends in college
I've had an occipital nerve stimulates implanted. It has helped tremendously
I have developed a fainting condition, gotten a service dog and and am still here.
I have met some amazing people
I have found this page to be a wonderful support.

I'm no closer to a cure, but I'm still here. So is the headache.
But the headache isn't going to win. I will live with it and despite it. And I will live to fight again

Pain free days

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19 years of migraine/ NDPH Empty Re: 19 years of migraine/ NDPH

Post  tortoisegirl Sat Oct 29, 2016 9:24 am

Sorry you too are going through this. I'm 10 almost 11 years in with a constant headache which is being called NDPH. Thanks for sharing. Best wishes.


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19 years of migraine/ NDPH Empty Re: 19 years of migraine/ NDPH

Post  Migrainegirl Sat Oct 29, 2016 4:07 pm

Sailing. I love your attitude! Keep on fighting it. We will find a cure.

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19 years of migraine/ NDPH Empty Re: 19 years of migraine/ NDPH

Post  flo_02472 Fri Nov 18, 2016 7:05 pm

Kt has been 40 years as migraines are NanUNWELCOME companion. Headaches are with me daily and some spin out of control and develop into a monster headache which responds to no medication adequately. Yesterday I had THE MOTHER of all migraines. I woke with daggers going through each temple and a head full of pain. I slept all day as that was the only relief I got. After mountains of medication I slowly came out of my sleep to a headache that I could manage. I fought these headaches since age 26 and had a fighting attitude, Now I give in to the headaches but I never let them win. The monsters get me down with head pain but I get back up to fight another day. Don't ever lose your fighting attitude.


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19 years of migraine/ NDPH Empty Re: 19 years of migraine/ NDPH

Post  Cindy*W Fri Jan 06, 2017 2:33 pm

Sailing, you have sure endured alot!

I understand as this is my 25th year of migraine after trying literally everything my doctor and I could come up with.

He let me try just about anything I found online as well.

Nothing really helped much and there were so many side effects!

After 15 years with my MD, he retired and I have been with a Pain Management doctor for the last 4 years.

He has me on a long and a short acting narcotic and a "if nothing else works" drug.

I used to be in the ER once a month at least and now go maybe twice a year and that is because my bp goes dangerously high.

Last time I went it was 185/105.

While life sucks when I have pain, I am grateful to have a Doctor that is willing to prescribe what works for me and I can live a semi normal life.

That's about all we can do.

Just wanted you to know that I truly understand the day to day struggle.

If you have never seen a pain management doctor, it might be worth a try.

Saying a prayer for you.



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19 years of migraine/ NDPH Empty Re: 19 years of migraine/ NDPH

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