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The ongoing saga of Michele's Migraines

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The ongoing saga of Michele's Migraines Empty The ongoing saga of Michele's Migraines

Post  micheletroyer Thu May 21, 2015 5:18 pm

Got Botox on Monday (18th) after 3 1/2 months between injections.  It helps, but wears off after 2 months.

Had to go see NP for rescue injections, and allowed myself the luxury of 50 mg of Demerol, in addition to the rest of the cocktail.

My mother has me trying wearing a bracelet with a piece of metal sewn into it that is supposed to cure everything from restless leg syndrome to migraines.  Being a medical professional, I'm very skeptical, so if it does work, I know it's not just the placebo effect.  She experienced relief from RLS, and insisted I try this bracelet for a week.  Something about the metal piece is supposed to ward off electromagnetic frequencies and sound waves, etc.  It's called the Bionic Bracelet, if anyone wants to check it out, and it costs $50.

Midrin is back on the market!  This is the only non-narcotic pain reliever that has worked on my mild to moderate migraines (severe Ms still require injections).  When I used it 15 years ago, it cost me $10/month out of pocket (no drug coverage then).  I didn't get the Midrin delivered from the pharmacy when I expected, so called the pharmacy, and they told me it now needs a prior authorization, because it's not on their formulary.  I was desperate for some pain relief, so asked the pharmacist what it would cost me out of pocket, expecting to hear $10-20. NO.  90 pills (one months supply) would cost me $500 out of pocket, and buying 10 pills to tide me over until the PA comes through (hopefully) would cost almost $70....just can't do it.  That's a lot of money that could buy a lot of beads and supplies  Smile.  So I'm just waiting.

Heard through my dad that one of his cousins has migraines and takes cayenne pepper mixed into applesauce to take off the heat, and he doesn't get migraines anymore.  I can sort of see how this might work, because the cayenne pepper's active ingredient is Capsacin (sp?), which works on inflammation, which is related to migraine.  Finished off my first cup of applesauce with Cayenne 15 minutes ago, and the migraine is less.  Probably more due to the Demerol kicking in at this point.

Anyway, I'm starting to type in different languages, so will sign off.  Hope this information can help someone.

Wishing everyone pain free days,

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The ongoing saga of Michele's Migraines Empty Re: The ongoing saga of Michele's Migraines

Post  Sara79 Fri May 22, 2015 9:06 pm

I'm glad to hear midrin is back...DH and I used it 'back in the day'. Ugh on the price...seriously, can the US get on board and pass laws limiting drug prices?


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