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Pressure over looks

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Pressure over looks Empty Pressure over looks

Post  Mini Fri Apr 18, 2014 8:06 am

I just read about Kim Novak and the amount if bullying she was getting after the Oscars presentation night.

I was very proud, that she has the courage to stand up, and speak against these bullies, such as Donald Trump, who feel that they are allowed to make fun of a woman just because she is no longer young, or not good looking, for whatever reason (as if the fat Donald Trump was a picture of beauty himself...).

Yet, even the ugliest looking useless  men will strut about self assured and  criticise a woman under a  false illusion, that they have a right to insult any woman they want, when it is obvious that they are only some  nasty, arrogant human beings and have nothing to recommend them when you look more closely.

BTW such bullying is not directed exclusively towards some older, or less good looking woman.
Young, and beautiful girls are also bullied and criticised constantly leading to all sorts of problems such as anorexia, overeating, self harming and stress, which is turn can be one of the worst triggers for migraines.

I am glad Kim Novak has a courage to speak out not only for herself, but for other women. More women should do the same. Nobody should be insulted in this way just to make some pathetic egomaniac feel better about themselves. I am glad Kim Novak spoke out in protest, I hope more women will.
Face the bullies, stand up to them is a the only way to deal with this.

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