High heels and migraines

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High heels and migraines Empty High heels and migraines

Post  Migrainegirl on Thu Jul 21, 2011 3:42 pm

See article on Bachman's migraines (which don't sound infrequent or well controlled.)


Anyone else get a migraine from wearing heels?
I don't, but then I can't wear heels because they cause killer pain in my feet.

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High heels and migraines Empty Re: High heels and migraines

Post  Brenda on Thu Jul 21, 2011 7:29 pm

I had a chiropractor tell me that wearing them could cause migraine along with a host of other problems because they put the body's natural alignment out of whack. I don't wear them because of plantar fastiitis. I mostly wear sneakers everywhere I go now. Not fashionable, but much more comfortable.

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High heels and migraines Empty Re: High heels and migraines

Post  sailingmuffin on Fri Jul 22, 2011 4:29 am

Hi all,

Yes, I read about Bachman's migraines in the New york Times. They also mentioned the fact that she felt there was a correlation between high heels and migraine. If heels were really the cause, I am sure she could find plenty of other good looking shoes to wear. (My mother used to love wearing heels, but stopped because they hurt her back too much.} Aside from that, I think they many may have made a mountain out of a molehill on this one. It is clear her migraines are not infrequent and they could be better controlled. Despite the fact that she has them, she has managed to function at a very high level even with migraines. In fact, she could do some good in raising awareness of the disease.

Thomas Jefferson had migraines. John F Kennedy had Addison's disease. Franklin Roosevelt had Polio and could not walk. Our current Chief Justice Roberts has epilepsy. Yet, all of them managed to do a great deal. Bachman has migraine and is running for President, but I think there are more important things to look for in this election than migraines.

Pain free days,


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High heels and migraines Empty high heels and migraines

Post  dizzyflower on Fri Jul 22, 2011 8:25 am

I think I agree with you that if she hasn't got them under control how can she pinpoint the heels as the cause.

That said as a MAV sufferer I havn't worn them in years because they wear me out too quick concentratiing on with my balance and so the migraine gets in quicker because I am tired quicker. There are certain trainers even that I cannot wear because they are not rigid enough for predictable movement sensation, especially ones designed for running or those new ones designed to make your bum smaller.

I don't consider it that much of a problem though and have some very pretty looking shoes, but they are flat shoes. If I go out (HA HA) to a party I have some silvery things with sequins and diamantes on, nobody has commented about me being under dressed for an occasion. I find that the noise from heels is annoying anyway.



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High heels and migraines Empty Re: High heels and migraines

Post  stephgood on Wed Jul 27, 2011 12:11 pm

In my younger, and pre-migraine days I wore heels almost every day. In my bad migraine days, I barely left the house so shoes were not my issue. After not wearing heels for a long time, and being in my not-as-bad migraine life, I simple choose to never wear heels if possible. Since I rarely go anywhere I might even consider them, I am off the hook!!!

I think saying heels cause migraines, is a big hurt to our cause. That was a totally not necessary statement. It makes people think, well just don't wear them and you will be fine. I really think all this press about this woman hurts our cause.

If she is debilitated by migraines as it has been portrayed, then I don't know how she could do that job for one. Stress causes them for her??? Well, that is the most stressful job in the world right there. I think that the focus has been on her medications trying to discern if she may be running this country on narcotics. My narcotics are the only way I function at all, along with the Botox, BUT many people do not understand that and think of narcotics and druggies all as one.

It is a touch subject, but I don't think this woman is bringing much other than negative attention to migraines.

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High heels and migraines Empty Re: High heels and migraines

Post  Mini on Wed Jul 27, 2011 1:58 pm

I had migraines as a child, long, long before I began to wear high heels.

I suppose bad posture, can be a trigger for some people, but like with everything else about migraine, I do not think there is one single cause for migraines. It is a combination of things that causes them for most of us.
I forgot to add that I find it difficult to walk in completely flat heels outside of the house because they make me sort of dizzy, and so easy to trip over.

I find smal to mediuml heels most comfortable whenever I need to do much walking.

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High heels and migraines Empty Re: High heels and migraines

Post  brianwhitskey24 on Tue Aug 09, 2011 7:33 am

nice thread and thanks for posting it.I love the way the people here interact and shared their opinions too.


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High heels and migraines Empty Re: High heels and migraines

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