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Healthcare Team

Post  Richard on Sat Feb 13, 2010 5:23 pm


I am betting that most of us have a family doctor - a Board Certified DO or MD with a specialty as an Internist.

And most of us have a Board Certified Neurologist on are heathcare team. Plus many of you have a GYN and others a certified Urologist.

In a thread on Pain Managers, I note that today "Pain Management" is an AMA Board Certified specialy like Pediatrics, or GYN or Psychiatrist. A known, recognized, and tested specialty for MD's and DO's.

Here's how I have established my healthcare team over the past decade with this disease of migraine.

I have a family doctor in San Francisco. He is my medical case manager. ALL the other doctors send him a report EVERY time they see me. My GREAT family doctor knows exactly what is happening to me at all times. Lee, my doctor, makes referrals for me, checks me out, and handles the day to day healthcare needs I may have.

I have a Board Certified Neurologist in San Francisco who has also obtained Board Certification in Paion Management. Wayne handles preventatives and pain medications -and makes a report of his notes to Lee electronically from his laptop to Lee with a press of a button.

I have a cardiologist in Paradise CA (local) who mails his reports after every visit to Lee.

I have a Urologist and a Proctologist in Chico, CA (local) Same deal with Lee.

I have a GREAT chiropractor in Paradise CA. No reports unless something is wrong ... I see Brad every three weeks to repair the damage to my body caused by the twists and turns of my migraine episodes. I like Brad a lot ... he spoke at Steve's Memorial Service.

I have an Opthamologist in Oroville CA (local) but my optician for dispensing glasses is in Chico CA.

I am gaining a local Internist for colds and such. He is way cool and will be sending reports to Lee.

I have a cool dentist in Oroville CA named Guy. But Dr Farris makes my crowns because he knows how to do with the milling machines that makes the crown as you watch.

I cannot forget Joe, my pharmacist - he is one of the best guys on my healthcare team and has saved me form many troubles over the years. Joe is at Walgreen's in Paradise CA. What a guy! He and his crew were so loving, and I mean "LOVING", after Steve died. I used to go to that store when I was feeling bad because everyone there was so nice to me ... kind of like Ronda folks.

Note: I worked Union jobs throughout my career by conscious choice. As a result, I have Medicare for disabillity plus two lifetime health insurance policies - optical, dental, prescriptions all covered well.

Before each and every visit to an MD or DO - Internist, Neurologist/Pain Manager, and Cardiologist in particular, I write a ONE page letter. First I list ALL medications I am taking, the name, dose, when I take it (AM, PM) and what I think I am taking it for.

Then I write a "how I am doing since ouor last visit." Only 2 to three short sentences (can you believe I CAN be brief - LOL) Finally, I write all the questions and desires for that appointment.

The Health Letter works! My appointments are short and cover EVERYTHING I want the visit to cover. I no longer any office and hit my forehead saying "Darn it, I forgot to ask about XXX." Know what I mean?

When I applied for Social Securioty and private insurance disability, it was CRITICAL that Lee, my primary doctor, had ALL the information from my healthcare team. SS did not have to speak to this and that doctor or get this or that file. One stop shopping. And it worked brilliantly. I cannot stress enough how important it is to use the Medical Letter and to have ONE doctor manage all your healthcare needs (except chiropractic or dental and eye unless something medical arises.)

I hope this helps explain what I mean by my "healthcare team." Thinking about my health in this manner has worked for me over the last 10 years. Maybe it will help you.

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Re: Healthcare Team

Post  Paradox on Sat Feb 13, 2010 6:43 pm

Thanks for taking the time to write that Richard. I don't have things quite so co-ordinated, in fact not co-ordinated at all! Something I want to work on.

I'm only about 2 1/2 hours from Chicago, and if need be would be willing to travel there if tha's what would be necessary. I have recently found a very good local GP who I'm sure would be able and willing to be the primary on it. I think my next step will be to talk to him about it!

You're inspiring me.


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