A herbal cure for Migraine - 3 to 9 days application.

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A herbal cure for Migraine - 3 to 9 days application.

Post  tomyseb on Sun Sep 01, 2013 8:09 pm

I was reluctant to make this post, but I have decided post it, clearly knowing the sufferings of migraine patients.
I am from Kerala, India. Our family has got a herbal medicine which can cure migraines in three to 9 days time. The medicine is to be applied on the forehead only. We have treated hundreds of patients in our locality free of cost. When we see the symptoms, we can say if it is curable by our medicine.
Usually, in the curable form of migraine, the pain is on one side of the head only. It will also change the side on different days.  It need not occur daily, but it can also. The pain can occur in the morning, noon, or in the evening.

If anyone has such symptoms, they may contact me in the email  tomyseb AT yahoo  DOT com
After listening to their symptoms, we will send them medicine freely, if we feel that it is curable by our medicine. Even if it is not cured, there is no side effects, as it is just a herbal medicine, and has only external application.


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