B-Complex for Nerve Pain

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B-Complex for Nerve Pain

Post  Seaine on Tue Feb 19, 2013 9:57 pm

Everyone! I highly encourage you all to try taking a B-Complex vitamin, if you haven't already tried it, for pain. I am absolutely amazed at how much this simple thing has worked for my sciatica pain. I know this forum is for migraines specifically, but many of you have facial pain or other aches around your body I'm sure many of which may be associated with migraines.

I first tried this supplement because my mom sent me an article saying that B6 and folic acid have been shown to help with migraines. I also know B2 is supposed to help, so I went ahead and got a B-Complex so it has all of them and more in one pill.

Well, I haven't had any change in my migraines. BUT.. my sciatica pain, which was SEVERE and bothered me every single day, is gone! 100% gone and it's been weeks now! I first took the supplement once per day in the morning, and noticed that my sciatica pain would be gone for hours afterwards and then reappear in the evening. So I tried taking it twice a day and no more pain!! It's amazing! I was taking 4 Ibuprofen 3 times per day and sometimes Tylenol on top of that to try and control the pain and it wasn't even working.

I am sure many of you are taking a lot of pain medications, some of which might cause rebound migraine or it might not always work well for your pain. PLEASE PLEASE try this instead and see if it helps you. This simple supplement has reduced my sciatica pain more than any prescription medicine or OTC medicine has ever reduced my pain, including Morphine, Vicodin, Percocet, etc.

I take Solgar brand B-Complex "50" once when I wake up and once at dinner. It has no food coloring or gelatin in it so it should be safe and not cause more migraines for people sensitive to ingredients.

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