Topamax Kidney Stones & Lithium Toxicity

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Topamax Kidney Stones & Lithium Toxicity

Post  IndianaMigraineGuy on Thu Feb 07, 2013 4:52 am

Woke up today with the worst pain of my life (yeah even worse than the migraines) went to the ER to find it was a kidney stone. I have seen a lot of talk about Topamax and kidney stones and wanted to see if anyone else has come down with kidney stones after taking Topamax. I also found that my Lithium was sky high at levels where it could nearly have destroyed my kidney and killed me and I believe it is likely because of my neurologist recklessly upping my Topamax even though I warned him about Lithium toxicity, looking for any experiences with this as well.


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Re: Topamax Kidney Stones & Lithium Toxicity

Post  Brenda on Sat Feb 09, 2013 3:28 am

Yep, I had a kidney stone while on Topamax. The doctor told me he thought that's what caused it. He said it is a known side effect and he weaned me off of it right away. While the kidney stone hurt, my migraines, to me, are worse. They kidney stones were intermittent pain which gave me breaks in between. The migraines are just unrelenting. Oh and when I had the migraine, I also had my first ever UTI. The ER doc said the stone probably got the infection going.

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