Could my headaches be a result of Systemic Candida?

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Could my headaches be a result of Systemic Candida?

Post  Benji1976 on Sun Mar 04, 2012 2:39 pm

Just to paraphrase my first post on 2/10- I developed chronic sinusitis, fatigue, and headaches 14 mo.s ago. The headaches have progressed to a point where they are around 24/7 and unique to common migraine symptoms. Specialists want to focus one either the sinusitis or headaches (depending on their specialty) but I've learned are ill equipped in their training to explore the idea that all of my symptoms share the same causation. In other words- the doctors I've seen want to treat Sinusitis and the chronic daily headaches as two separate issues. After going through many treatments and one surgery, all of which have been ineffective- I've concluded that there is a very good chance that the doctors are wrong- and that my bacterial infections and headaches are related and have a cause that hasn't been diagnosed. This would also seem to be the first conclusion of any reasonably thinking person as all of this started at the same time.

I'm relying primarily on my own research at this point- and Candida seems to keep coming up in my searches. Has anybody looked at this as a possible cause of migraines, and if so any recommended treatments? There seems to be a lot of opinions ranging from stricly medication (diflucan) to strictly a dietary approach. I know that most doctors have little to no training when it come to Candida overgrowth - to the point that some say systemic candida doesn't exist.

As always, feedback is appreciated!


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Re: Could my headaches be a result of Systemic Candida?

Post  dcook60 on Sun Mar 04, 2012 3:14 pm

well, benji, here is my long-ish experience with candida. i did the diet (no sugar, even fruit, for ten years) and was skinny, but not pain-free by a long shot. headaches didn't improve at all.

in the 1980's, i started a candida support group with 2 other ladies, and we were all convinced this overgrowth had a lot to do with our symptoms. not to be morbid but here's how we three turned out:

the younger one died of lupus, which at the time had been called fibromyalgia (both notoriously hard to diagnose). the older one committed suicide a year ago, after shooting her husband, because they couldn't live without each other, and she was in constant head pain. i still haven't gotten past that scenario; so horrifying to everyone who knew them. they were in their 70's.

and me.........still alive at 72 and doing pretty well, considering. i take daily triptan drugs, which is NOT RECOMMENDED, but my only choice if i want to have a life.

candida was the IT diagnosis of the 80's. i never knew anyone who got totally well from the treatments. i also took nizoral, but refused diflucan, as it's a much more "serious" drug. i don't think you would find many modern docs who actually believe in systemic candida. they say that unless one is dying of AIDS and has no immune system, candida cannot be systemic.

the jury's still out, and i haven't researched this for years and years, so maybe there's new stuff coming out. i'd be interested in what you find out.


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