am i losing my mind

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am i losing my mind

Post  babygurlsmom79 on Thu Jun 10, 2010 8:33 pm

Sorry folks. I don't really know if i belong here but I need some help. A couple months ago I experienced a headache, the ER doctor called it a migraine. I was treated with toradol, morphine and something for my stomach and right before I left the hospital I also received something that started with a D that was an anti seizure medicine. The pain in my head lasted 46 days before I finally went to the ER. After my hospital visit I felt much better and even though the doctor told me to visit my family doctor, i did not. See during the entire episode I did not miss work as my company frowns upon sick days. I was not very effective at my job during that time but I kept going.

\\\two weeks ago the headaches began again. Worse then last time, causing dizziness and nausea. I felt as I was losing my mind. I would write things that were not spelled right or didnt make sense. I drove by the clinic I was trying to go to twice. I would try and call my mom and once called my grandma three times in a row. So I was concerned that maybe somethng was really wrong and had my mom drive me to the hospital. I received the same treatment as last time and left feeling somewhat better. That day I made an appointment with my family doctor as the doctor at the hospital said its a migraine. I finally got into the family doctor today. She says I have a sinus infection and prescribed me Avelox 400 mg antibiotic to take 1 time a day for 10 days and a prescription for Toradol 10mg for 15 days with 3 repeats.
I do not believe I have a sinus infection.\How the hell do I get my doctor to take me seriously? And does this sound like typical migraine symptoms?


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Re: am i losing my mind

Post  HeelerLady on Fri Jun 11, 2010 6:26 am

Oh boy. Well it does have some common symptoms with a migraine (a particularly nasty one at that). The neurological symptoms are a bit scary...although when I'm in the midst of a bad one I have some weird ones.

My thought is to humor your doctor. Take the meds - just because sinus issues can trigger migraines. People here will attest to that. However, probably not going to solve your problem long term. You need to go back to your doctor and you may have to be rather forceful about the issue. That you need something to deal with things at home. Most of us take a drug called a triptan that can stop the symptoms in their tracks. If your doctor refuses to give you anything, find another doctor. It might be that they are out of their realm and have no clue what to do.

In the mean time, you can try a couple of things when you notice things starting to get strange. My gp told me to take 2 advil and drink a can of soda. Basically a pain reliever and some caffeine. This can shut it down. Try eating something (severe dips in blood sugar can cause them) - the neuro suggested a power bar and a glass of juice. It can help. Also make sure you are drinking enough fluids as dehydration can cause them.

Hope this was helpful.

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Re: am i losing my mind

Post  alli on Fri Jun 11, 2010 9:35 am

I agree. Humor your doctor and then get serious. Sinus swelling triggers migraine with me so if there is an infection, getting it cleared up will help in that it won't trigger anymore headaches. After a course of antibiotics, and you are still getting migraines, then you push for an abortive. If your doctor won't help, ask for a referral to a neurologist who specializes in migraines.

Your doctor works for you. You are completely within your rights to change doctors if you aren't getting the help you need.

Good Luck

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Re: am i losing my mind

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