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Two different experiences

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Two different experiences Empty Two different experiences

Post  gatecrasher Sun Oct 30, 2016 5:46 am

I suffer back and neck pain as the result of a car accident in 2003. fooling release from hospital I chose alternatives to treatment as I regarded that even physiotherapy as a treatment for my pain was too aggressive. I had my first bowen experience and I was disappointed to say the least. This penultimately biased my view on Bowen for the last 13 years.
A few months ago I began working as a lawn & garden specialist (Jim's Mowing... haha!) and I aggravated my neck and back injuries. This prompted me to choose Bowen treatment again, however I did hold some reservations.
Enter Joanne Ulrich, a Bowen therapist from Perth.
I was completely taken in by her extensive knowledge of the human anatomy. Her explanation of body functioning with regard to my injuries and how it related to other parts of my body that were being affected was revelation to me. Most of all are the results. I feel a million dollars. Thanks Jo Smile
I have to say that Joanne Ulrich has rekindled my faith in Bowen as a credible treatment method
...and a hats off to Tom Bowen. What a genius.


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