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Hey Olee - you could be me!

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Hey Olee - you could be me! Empty Hey Olee - you could be me!

Post  02R96 Thu Dec 10, 2009 12:44 pm

Your situation sounds almost exactly like mine; exactly. Wake up in the morning, coffee and a non-narcotic pain reliever to get through the day, starts to ramp up through out the afternoon, then at dinner it's Vicodin. Same damn pattern. It's the first time I've ever encountered anyone who has this.

Usually if I have a real thumper, I'll do an Imitrex self injection, a Norco and coffee. It's a real knock out punch for me. If that doesn't work I can go to the office anytime to receive a Toradol shot. After that it's the ER (which has happened a couple of times).

I totally agree with being straight up with your MD. I always have, and for the last seven years I've had the same PCP who has been very sympathetic with me. I'm on a regulated amount of Norco (no refills without a phone call), and never had a cross word with her about my meds. But from what I've read on the various migraine forums, MD's like that they are hard to find. A big part of it is not being a demanding patient. I've always asked for advise and her opinion on what I'm doing and I've built a trust relationship with her. And I've done everything she's asked of me. Actually, her office is affiliated with our hospital and records are a couple of mouse clicks away, so I could hide anything even if I wanted to.


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Hey Olee - you could be me! Empty Re: Hey Olee - you could be me!

Post  Olee Fri Dec 11, 2009 5:27 am

Does sound familiar! Our morning breakfast is a little different than most I guess. As far as that patient/doctor relationship, the value is so tremendous.

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