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Little achievments

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Little achievments Empty Little achievments

Post  Mini Tue Jul 10, 2012 2:00 pm

This is in response to Dizzyflower, and voluntary work, but I pressed the wrong button when posting.
Still no doubt this is a familiar subject to many of us.

I live in sunglasses. Even now when there is little sun about, especially when driving. BUt sometimes even indoors if the lights are too harsh. At times I am selfconscious about it, but in the end I don't care any more. I will not take any risks if I can help it.

I also wear hats for the same reason. Casual hats mostly, but as you said df, togehter with glasses people tell me how glamorous I look, (which I hate) as do not like to attract attention for whatever reason.

Well done for making it to work, even when you were so tired. It is so good to have these little "victories" from time to time, they make things so much more berable when the bad days come.

I am also pleased with myself, because I have been fighting Fibro over the last few weeks, and I am in lots of pain, but I have managed to finish much delayed thorough spring clean of two spare bedrooms (in expectation of some dear visitors on Saturday).

Y-day I was in a total panic; it was all getting too much becasue I could hardly move, but somehow, with long rests in between it all got done. I am trilled with the result.

I hate housework at best of times, but fighting stifness and pain all the way, I am pleased that I've forced myself to complete the task. Still more to do, but like you, I feel I had a great day, even if I had to climb into my bed by 8pm from exhaustion ready for an early night.

WE must remember these little achievements, for when we feel bad again. It can be done.


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