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Anyone an "Armchair Detective" like me??

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Anyone an "Armchair Detective" like me??  Empty Anyone an "Armchair Detective" like me??

Post  carlajo Tue Apr 12, 2011 10:05 am

Hi Everyone-

I am a new member to the site but a long-time reader here...I am unable to work and spend most days in bed-but if it's a really GOOD day I make it to the couch! lol! pale

I was wondering if anyone else out there likes watching the "True Crime" type shows-Dateline, 48 Hours Hard Evidence, Disappeared, etc.? I almost always have my TV on "Investigation Discovery Channel"-all they play are shows based on real-life crimes. Another channel is "Tru TV"-during the day it shows live footage from an actual trial. I also love reading books about true crime.

Does anybody else "enjoy" being an "armchair detective" like me?? Smile



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Anyone an "Armchair Detective" like me??  Empty Re: Anyone an "Armchair Detective" like me??

Post  30yrsofheadache Tue Apr 12, 2011 4:12 pm

Hi, Carlajo. I love to read mystery books, but dont watch them much on TV. O n TV, I prefer medical shows and comedies or the cooking shows. My Mom and I joke that we have read so many detective and mystery books, that we could do away with anyone and get away with it!
Sorry that you are stuck in bed so much. I have about 2 weeks/month like that. It is no fun.

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Anyone an "Armchair Detective" like me??  Empty Re: Anyone an "Armchair Detective" like me??

Post  Paradox Tue Apr 12, 2011 11:06 pm

Absolutely. Every night I go to sleep to either Dateline or Forensic Files, I love the low cadence of the monologue. I like Wicked Attraction but not at night cause the screaming wakes me. Rolling Eyes

I can't stand Nancy Grace. Too strident, too righteous, too judgmental and argumentative. Just too too over the top.

Favorite author? Ann Rule of course. But I don't like books on Jon Benet or the Black Dahlia. The case must be solved. Same with the the hot off the press books on the Caylee Anthony case or Drew Peterson case...even though they have been "solved" until it goes through the court process I don't want to read about it.

I've read true crime since my early teens. Just fascinated. My Mom said I'd be in law enforcement or be on of the few female mass murderers. I ended up in law enforcement (no longer, that was in my prior, younger life).

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Anyone an "Armchair Detective" like me??  Empty Re: Anyone an "Armchair Detective" like me??

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