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Good news - Bad news

Post  HeelerLady on Fri Apr 02, 2010 3:59 pm

Had my appointment with an ENT today as well as a CAT scan. Pretty much all clear. There were a few areas that had some thickening but it wasn't enough to need surgery and doesn't seem to bother me anyway. The larger part is in my left facial sinus and that rarely bothers me - I have more pain in the right and don't have congestion. So good news it's not my sinuses - bad news it's not my sinuses.

In a way I wanted to find something, but also didn't want to find anything. I just want the pain to stop...but I know for certain that it has nothing to do with this area - at least that would require surgery. The doctor did give me some samples of an inhaled steroid to try. She said it wouldn't hurt me and if it would help wart off the worst weather M's it would be worth it. Can't hurt at this point.

I also saw a pain psychologist this week at the request of my neuro. It was interesting to say the least...more ways to cope with the pain than anything else. I'm not terribly hopeful that this will help but at this point...what can it hurt? The hardest part is getting appointments with him - he's booked 3 months out. Not beneficial when he wants appointments 2 weeks apart. Ah well....

At least I have an answer on this...will keep working on the guinea pig trials.

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