Tender points in M

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Tender points in M

Post  Peter_sky on Sun Mar 21, 2010 4:50 am


I hope today finds you pain free, or at least on the low scores, for me it's another day and another M, so I thought I would post my thoughts before my thoughts are lost in the sea that is a migraine.

It seems that it is common amongst many who suffer migraine headaches to have tender spots, my main ones are in my eye brow, about an inch in from the top of my nose. Yesterday it was on my left brow, and this gave me a mild M pain in my left temple area but today it has left my LHS and is in my right brow, for me this indicates I am about to have a right hand migraine, for me my most painful side. I posted about these tender spots the other day and a few posted to say they also had these. Does anyone know what these spots are, are they nerve endings?

I have found if you apply pressure to these points in the eye brow, for at least a short time the pain in my temple vanishes, so there must be some connection, could we make use of this fact? For instance putting a cold substance on this point, or maybe use acupressure on the tender spot. Do others find benefit from acupressure machines, (like tens machines) I did use one at one point, and it could give me 1 hour worth of relief for a mild migraine but would not touch a bad one.

Maybe peppermint oil (Olbas oil) could be put on the tender spot to numb the pain, you would have to avoid in running into you eye as I can imagine that being very saw.

It would be interesting to hear if others have tenter spots also in different places that are part of there migraine and if they have had any success with manipulating them to reduce a migraine,


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Re: Tender points in M

Post  moominamy on Sun Mar 21, 2010 6:14 am

Hi Peter

I get the same tender spot in my eyebrow, worse on the side of the migraine. Even when my head isn't too bad if I press there it still hurts. I asked my neuro about it a while ago and she said it was part of the nerves that were inflamed. She tried a supra-orbital nerve block last year and it did help (for 2-3 days) on the side it went in, but made me aware that the other side hurt more than I thought it did! I'm hoping to get both sides done again at the end of the month for a temporary bit of pain relief.

This site shows where it goes in and the area it helps. I did end up with a very swollen and slightly bruised eye socket and a big red mark where the injection went in. If I get both sides done I'll look a sight on the public transport home!! I have big sunglasses, but not quite big enough....

I also find holding my cup of tea against the sore spot helps a lot. But then I do prefer heat to cold to help my migraines, so cold may work better for some. I must look ridiculous yet again as I do this in public with hot drinks. But hey, it helps.

Pressing on or massaging the spot for 30 seconds or so helps a little too.

Interestingly most of my migraines are on my left side, but when I get one on the right they are more painful too. Lots of similarities, very intruiging.

Take care



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Re: Tender points in M

Post  Ivy on Mon Mar 22, 2010 4:07 am

Yes, I get tender spots.
They are on my eybrows and on my jaw.
As you say, if I press the sore point I get relief.
I apply tiger balm on the tender spots and it gives relief. I also use lots of ice packs that seem to calm down the inflammation. As soon as the cold get in contact with the tender spots, it "burns", but a few seconds later the pain calms down.
Sometimes, the tender spot can also be somewhere between my neck and my shoulder. It's a throbbing, intense pain that often announces an attack.

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Re: Tender points in M

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