Any advice?

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Any advice?

Post  Voodoo on Mon Feb 15, 2010 7:33 pm

For the past three months I've had constant headaches..nonstop. They are barely manageable every day and in the evening they get so bad that I would rather be dead. I've tried all headache medication, and been prescribed pain meds but nothing has helped, only made it worse. Two things help though, one is adderall, which only suppresses the pain, if I can take it before the pain sets in in the morning and keep taking it until evening. The other is beer, which completely takes the pain away, but obviously I can't use as a medication. And no, it does not cause them, only cures them I started having them before I ever drank beer. I've had CAT scans and MRIs and my brain is fine according to them. And yes, I'm going to multiple doctors for it but nothing has helped yet. I'm desperately trying to figure out what it is doing to my brain, that is similar to what adderall does, to remove this pain. If I had an idea I could get prescribed something to do the same. Any thoughts?


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Re: Any advice?

Post  LG on Mon Feb 15, 2010 7:55 pm

Voodoo, as much as we all would love to be doctors (gosh I'd be in a lot better of a financial situation right now Laughing) unfortunately we can't. I really suggest you bring your theories and honestly explain everything to your physician as we had all recommended you do in your last post. There is a doctor/patient confidentiality clause so you don't have to worry about them telling police officials about illegal drug use.

I'd be afraid to recommend anything because I wouldn't want it make you worse being that a lot of things do trigger your migraines/head pain. The only thing I'd have to go on based on your theories is that increasing serotonin decreases dopamine levels. What specific dopamine receptors does it effect? I have no idea, maybe all of them. You can do a search on drugs that will increase serotonin and then also research the effect those drugs have on your dopamine 2 receptors. Who knows, maybe you will find a link somewhere. I highly suggest while you do all this you keep your doctors informed of the choices you make.

I do agree with Richard that it is not best to self diagnose. I think it is a wonderful thing you are doing your own research and getting actively involved in your own health care. It can only help further your understanding of your body as well as possibly give clues to your health team, however, I do think that the main diagnosis should be left to medical professionals.

They went to school for many many years to study these things and have material that simply isn't available to us through the internet. To some doctors, to self diagnose is like a slap in the face. Why in the world would they spend so much time and invest their life in this job for a patient to just do it for them without the education they tried so hard to get? Yet, in turn..a well informed and educated patient is often refreshing and enjoyable for a doctor to work with. Please keep all these things in mind for your next visit.

I hope you feel better and get the answers you are looking for.

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