At last Migraine breakthrough

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At last Migraine breakthrough

Post  Mini on Thu Nov 30, 2017 4:01 am

There is a great news at last. It has been in all the news this morning here in UK, and it has been long time in development, but there is a completely new concept in migraine treatment. What is more important it works, and there are practically no side effects. It does not seem believable, since we have been let down in the past so many times with false hopes. But it is a completely new drug, specifically created for M, a new approach to M treatment.

A miracle? We will see how it works, but it is real so I thought I will pass it on, so you can do more of your own research.

I am very lucky, and this is the reason why I do not come here very often any more, since after decades of suffering M hell, I no longer get them (getting older has it's own benefits). I think my M was mainly hormonal, I also used HRT, but when I stopped taking it my M practically stopped. I have other chronic health/pain issues now, but  without M they are easier to handle.

Here is the link to the article telling you more abut it (BTW Prof Goadsby was in the past my neurologist and he was extremely helpful to me personally, and determined to keep on trying to find help for all M sufferers):

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