Flashing shimmers persistent migraine aura for 2 months

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Flashing shimmers persistent migraine aura for 2 months

Post  Sheenakowalski on Mon Oct 31, 2016 9:26 am

Has anyone experienced flashing shimmering persistent migraine aura and had it go away? I'm reading it can last for years and I'm scared. I'm also getting ocular aura migraines for three months now, since I had shingles. I'm feeling hopeless and anxiety.


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Re: Flashing shimmers persistent migraine aura for 2 months

Post  Mini on Wed Nov 02, 2016 6:45 am

I have just written you a long reply but for some reason it wiped itself out, so annoying!
So, I will  hurry this time, in case this happens again.

First I would like to welcome you here, this forum has been a vital link to many people with M (migraine) and helped me to deal with anything connected with this condition.

I have no experience of term aura, this sound quite unusual, even here, and I have a feeling that it need urgent investigation, like MRI, to exclude all other causes.

You need a good neurologist, who specialises in M (not all of them do) and also to check your eyesight, just in case, as sometimes they can be very good at spotting some neurological conditions.

I totally understand your anxiety, but I also think that the only way to get some answers is to try to do something to try to find out more. And BTW do not always accept the first answer, if not happy, seek a second opinion.

Many of us, had been through years of seeking answers, and some of us have been lucky and with perseverance and a decent doctor, we learned how better to manage this condition. So do not loose hope.

IN meantime you have my best wishes, and please keep coming here. Even when we have no easy answers, you can always count on a good support here. We understand your helplessness and anxiety, and we would like to be of help.

Mini (UK)

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