Governement Jobs--Is Migraine a 'Disability'?

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Governement Jobs--Is Migraine a 'Disability'?

Post  Brenda L. on Thu Oct 23, 2014 11:30 pm

I was on a job board explaining my constant severe migraine situation AND my financial worries. This job board is full of healthy and well-educated people who have been unemployed for years, due to the terrible economy. (I have a college degree, but I was never able to use it, due to severe intractable migraine).

Someone posted a link about the federal government supposedly helping people with 'disabilities' to find jobs. I have no idea what sort of work I could do in constant migraine. I'm in constant pain and nausea, even with meds. I also get very forgetful due to migraine and have problems concentrating. It hurts just to look at this computer screen. I can't be active and I just want to lie down and rest--all of the time.

Anyway, would the US Federal government even consider migraine to be a 'disability' in regards to their employment assistance program? Or when they say 'disability' are they talking about someone in a wheelchair?

I know that there are MANY different types of 'disabilities', and I'm not sure which ones are recognized by the government. They mentioned people in wheelchairs, but they can think clearly. They mention people with 'learning disabilities', but there are ways around things like dyslexia.

I don't know what sort of 'accommodations' could be made for a migraine sufferer in a workplace? The noise, the lights, the smells---EVERYTHING is going to annoy me. I'm sure that some people would annoy me, given the amount of pain I'm in. (This is the reason why I've not been able to work for several years).

IF there was ANYTHING I could do from home---great! However, for the past 10 years I've been trying to think of ANYTHING I could do to earn money from home. Lately I've been selling things on eBay. I'm able to do that, with great effort. I'm just selling off the stuff I already have, though. I have no idea where or how I'd acquire new merchandise.

I'd need to be able to work on my own time, in my own environment, which I suppose is asking a lot.

Just wondered if the federal government even considers 'migraine' to be a disability? Government jobs are usually long hours, so I don't think it would be a good match for me. I already saw a private employment counselor, and she had no suggestions. My SSDI 'work credits' have expired, so I'm really in a mess. Thanks for any suggestions at all.


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