SSDI for Migraines

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SSDI for Migraines

Post  Brenda L. on Tue Jun 17, 2014 4:29 pm

Mule Kick, I'm so sorry that you also 'fell through the cracks' in terms of SSDI. There are probably more people out there like us than we'll ever know.

The conundrum: You must be totally disabled in order to receive SSDI, yet you also must have been working for AT LEAST the past 5 years (more years the older one gets). Every time I try to explain that one to my friends they say, "Huh? What? How can that even be? If you're disabled you are too SICK to work. Isn't that the whole point...that you are too sick to be able to work?"

I tell my friends that I find it to be the most contradictory thing I've ever read, too. I'm sure that SSDI sets it up this way so that MANY seriously ill people will NOT qualify. Also, there's NO guarantee that I would have accepted, I know. Even with constant severe migraines and breast cancer. I really wonder if I could have qualified for SSDI. Now I'll never know.

Yes, it certainly IS frustrating. So sorry that you are in the same boat. Good luck to you.

P.S. I'm so ill with migraine that I got confused and accidently posted a new topic instead of a reply. Sorry. I forget things all the time because of the constant pain. IF I ever got a job, I'd probably end up getting fired for making stupid mistakes like this one. Some may say that's negative thinking, but I honestly think it is reality. Even most of the healthy people that I know who are college graduates cannot find any sort of work in California. Best Wishes to all.

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