How much Frova is too much?

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How much Frova is too much?

Post  doximom on Fri Apr 25, 2014 7:37 am

Hi all -- I have had good results with Frova. It's the only med that doesn't give me GI side effects. But one major problem is that I can only get 9 pills at a time and just a couple of refills (a real pain) and the other problem is one dose doesn't always do the trick.

For example, today is Friday. Migraine started Tuesday night; I took Imitrex so as not to "waste" my precious Frova -- I just have 3 pills left. Imitrex did not help very much, spent a very painful night and had to stay home from work Wednesday. Felt better Wednesday night and Thursday. Went to work Thursday, migraine returned with a vengeance Thursday afternoon so finally took a Frova. Took 2 hours to kick in but was pain free by bedtime, slept well, felt great this morning til about an hour ago.

Unfortunately, it's BAAACK. I'm at work looking at a horrible bright computer, and I think I will need to take another Frova. When will this end? How many do you take before you just give up?


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