Tourettes and Migraines

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Tourettes and Migraines

Post  Jewishmother on Thu Mar 13, 2014 8:05 pm

I know this may sound a little out there but for the last couple of years I thought that my basilar migraines had something in common with tourettes. One of my symptoms is lower level or loss of consciousness - more of a slow fadeout sometimes with shaking and chills. This is the only migraine symptom that I have that I have a little control over. I can hold it off for up to two hours but if I do that when I finally "let it go" it is pretty severe. If I don't hold it off it can be pretty mild.

This is true also for some people who have tics from tourettes. I think I mentioned this to my doc but just in passing and did not really pursue it. Today I did a little more research. Tourette's originates in the basal ganglia......could that be where this particular symptom of mine takes place?? Also, and more interesting to me is that tourettes is sometimes treated with clonidine or guanfacine - the only 2 drugs that I have encountered that have helped me with the fade out aura symptom. Also, low magnesium levels are common in people with tourettes and I know that low magnesium levels are an issue for migraneurs.

So I have called my doc to see if I can get my magnesium level tested to see if that is also an issue for me.

Any thoughts on my crazy idea?

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