I had the Botox injections!

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I had the Botox injections!

Post  4everdoll on Sun Jan 26, 2014 1:12 pm

A week ago Friday, I went in for the botox injections....31 on the first visit. It was very painful, especially the ones on my forehead. Some of the others in the back of my head, almost made me come unglued but it went fast, and I was left with a very dull painful headache, not a migrane,  but from the pain of the shots. My doctor is very nice and the whole procedure was done in about 15 minutes. I took a long nap that day once I got home as I didn't sleep the couple nights before getting the injections as I was very nervous about the whole injection thing. When I got up later in the day, there was no h/ache to speak of. The rest of the day Friday went good. I had no headache Sat. or Sun. On Mon., Tues., and Wed. had very small scale h/aches...about a "3"...and easy to get rid of, using much less pain meds. Thursday I woke up with a really bad migraine and it lasted all day and night. Friday I had a doctor appt. anyway, and requested a shot. My doctor cut down the amount of pain meds. in my shot to see how the botox worked with a shot. I was way off the scale that morning..."10+", and by the time I left his office, about l5 mins. after the pain shot, it was down to a  "7" pain level. I went to bed when I got back home, to let the shot work, and it did take away my migraine a lot easier than without the botox. Am I making sense here? Hope so.  The past two days have been hard cuz I am starting on another b/p med. and IT is giving me a headache but not a migraine. I know the difference in headaches. I hope this soon passes too. From this past week, I am pleased with the botox and how it is handling my migraines, enough so that I am cutting down my time in bed, or on the sofa, with an ice pak, and this is nice.  I am definitely going back for more injections when it is time because I got some relief which is more than I have ever gotten in my 45 year history of having migraines. I will keep you updated.


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I had the Botox injections!

Post  Cindy*W on Tue Jan 28, 2014 12:52 am

So glad the Botox injections are helping.

I really wish I could get them but insurance just won't cover them so right now I just can't.

Maybe in the future things will change and I'll get to try them.

My Pain Management Doctor is talking about giving me injections in my face around my eyes but again, I don't know if insurance would cover those either.

If it does, I will be trying them though.

Great to hear that Botox has at least helped some.


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