White background on computer

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White background on computer

Post  Kate on Sat Oct 12, 2013 3:30 pm

Lately I have been having issues with reading on the computer with just all white background.It's like it is to bright and it bothers me so I can only read for a short time. Extreme bright light will trigger an aura. Never had this problem before with the computer. Does this bother anyone else?


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Re: White background on computer

Post  Mini on Tue Oct 15, 2013 10:21 am

Yes, definitely. Working for longer periods on the computer, or laptop, even with the screen dimmed as much as possible, can often bring h/a or even M , especially if I am already in vulnerable state that day.
Many people tell me that this is impossible, that the latest screen (my laptop is just few weeks old and it is not a cheap one) will prevent any glare etc., but my head tells me otherwise.
As a result I often ration myself deliberately, by trying to take long breaks between "sessions".

I am sorry Kate, that this is happening to you too, we are so dependent on our computers these days, it is difficult not to use them when we need to.
I do not use F-book or any such sites, only things that I need to know and this special forum, so it is not easy to cut down on things if I do complex searches etc.

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f.lux helps me

Post  Jilly on Tue Oct 15, 2013 9:53 pm

Hi Kate,
I too am bothered by how bright most computers are. I found a free downloadable program that really helps me. It is called f.lux and you can easily find it online. It changes the intensity of the computer monitor to coincide with the suns location in the sky (you give your location and the program adjusts for you). It also gets rid of that eerie blue glow. During the day my monitor is brighter than it is at night. When I got a new laptop this program is the first thing that I put on it. Before I put the f.lux on my eyes were feeling strained and my head was starting to hurt. After I got the f.lux program going my eyes instantly felt better and the pain went away. Perhaps this would be of value to you also.


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Re: White background on computer

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