acupuncture and migraines

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acupuncture and migraines

Post  Cassiej on Tue Jul 16, 2013 12:19 pm

My migraine cycle for the last few years has been a 3 day migraine every ten days.  This is a great improvement over my previous  18 days a month lost to migraine for 40 years.  I had been unable to shift the every ten day cycle so I tried acupuncture.

November, 2012 - January 2013 I had acupuncture twice a week for 3 months and my cycle of a migraine every 10 days stopped.  It took 3 weeks of 2 x a week acupuncture sessions for the migraines to stop but they did stop.  I had a month without migraines after I stopped acupuncture.  I know acupuncture will make me migraine free.  If I continue the 2x a week acupuncture, the cycle would eventually become 2x a week acupuncture for 2 weeks, skip a week, then back for 2x a week.  Of course, not insurance covered.  Not medicare covered. The benefits far outweigh drugs.  The downside, I have to have acupuncture on schedule or it doesn't work.  And, I have to live in an area with quality trained acupuncturists, I think China trained.   Painless acupuncture done 3 different occasions over my 64 years fighting migraines did not work.   The $60 per treatment would be for the rest of my life, just like drugs.  I want to be independent of drugs and doctors.

I live in Iowa but have been going to Chicago (3 hr drive) for treatments.  I am looking for an acupuncturist that would be flexible enough to train me on doing self acupuncture.  This may not even be legal but if I can just get a dot placed with a ball point pin at the exact spot for the needle, I can manage after that.  

Any good tips on acupuncturists in the Chicago or Iowa City, Quad Cities, Dubuque area? I need someone not too rigid and willing to give up the $ to help me be independent in living with migraines.  I don't mind paying for treatments, I do mind paying for the rest of my life.  

Thanks all!


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