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WHYGRAINE | Migraine Journal & Analysis

Post  whygraine on Fri May 24, 2013 12:21 pm

Hi fellow migraine sufferers. I am new to this forum, but certainly not new to the frustrations of migraines and the affect they have on every aspect of life. I've battled these things for most of my life and after so many failed attempts to rid myself of them I decided to create a tool that could help me track down the source. I figured others could benefit from this as well so I'm opening it up for feedback and ideas along the way. It's very much in beta and I am actively working on the project so please feel free to send along any thoughts you have. Head to www[dot]whygraine[dot]com to check it out, and www[dot]whygraine[dot]com/about for a bit more details.

The idea is to analyze migraine occurrences against the plethora of environmental, sensor and manually tracked data (local weather, Fitbit, Fooducate, etc..) in search of trigger patterns and ultimately actionable insights beyond simple graphs. Currently WHYGRAINE is mostly a journal with some basic stats, but integration with other tracking services and full reports is coming. I'm curious to hear if this would be helpful to others.

All the best!


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