8 yrs and findind cures! Hope I can help! :)

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8 yrs and findind cures! Hope I can help! :)

Post  JohnnysMom on Sat May 11, 2013 8:44 am

After trying tons of meds up to 200 mg of topamax, beta lockers, steroid treatments, tried a chiropractor, a bunch of other meds I can't think of I found a few KEY things that a REALLY helping me and I know are the reasons that a reducing my migraines:

- first my new med nortriptyline 25 mg at bedtime reduced my migraines from almost 5 times a week to 2 or 3 times a week ... This was a big relief but not good enough....

- with the help of my mom we figured out I def have ZERO tolerance to MSG I first noticed when I'd eat things with large obvious amounts but the stuff is in EVERYTHING people!!! Any boxed rices, salad dressings, chicken nuggets from restaurants, ANY seasonings or spices almost always have it, it's insane... I started just eating chicken with white rice and veggies at night and a bagel or bowl of cereal for breakfast and like a tuna sandwich for lunch. But stay away from processed foods as much as possible it's soooo hard though I know!!!!!

- and # 3 the biggest thing that has helped me YET!!! Taking short walks even for like 15 min. My migraines have almost gone away completely. Excersize increases blood flow in your brain and helps dilate your blood vessels (most of you know migraines are caused by constricted blood vessels). If someone had told me when I was having 5 migraines a week to excersize I would have laughed but if your having a half good day and you go can for a little walk start there it can't get any worse!

Im 34 with a 2 year old son and am determined to get better for him he can't depend on anyone else I was getting migraines so bad I couldn't talk and my hands and feet would go numb I was in bed almost all the time they are such a debilitating sickness but I will keep on fighting for my son and will not let the migraines take over our life!


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Re: 8 yrs and findind cures! Hope I can help! :)

Post  dcook60 on Sat May 11, 2013 10:18 am

good for you!! wonderful news for you and your son.

MSG is a huge, huge no-no for me. i discovered this by lots of internet research, about 14 years ago. this was after 30 years of migraine. now, although i have them daily, they aren't the killer kind that put me to bed for 2 days, throwing up.

obviously, there are many other factors as well. but i preach here, often: MSG has 40-50 "other" names, and people would do well to find out exactly what they are eating. the two best websites i know of are: www.msgmyth.com and www.msgtruth.org.

they will give a person all the latest information about food, both processed and unprocessed. even "real food" can be a problem because of the substances used in growing it, washing it, etc. yep, it's a minefield out there, but so worth it to figure out ways to avoid this hideous pain.


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Re: 8 yrs and findind cures! Hope I can help! :)

Post  Mini on Sat May 11, 2013 3:51 pm

It is always good to hear good news here. Thank you.
It is wonderful that you have been able to achieve such iprovemnt by following few simple changes in your life.
Yes, MSG is nasty. What I have also discovered that anything with soya (they seem to add it to so many things) and soya milk also give me bad migraines. Later I found out that soya contains naturally produced MSG and this explained to me why I could not touch any soya products.

It is absoulutely vital to follow a sensible diet if we want to avoid some hidden food triggers. BTW beware that another product that can give us M, is aspartame the sweetener in diet drinks and sweets and deserts, so watch out for this on the labels.

Your diet sound sensible but you might wish to add for variety some frozen vegetables like peas and beans etc, or any other freshly cooked vegetables as well as fresh fruits, so you have a nice balanced diet full of nutrients and vitamins since you need those.

Be careful with any kind fo citrus fruit like oranges, lemons etc and they can be also M triggers.
Good luck with you diet and I hope ypu will visit us again letting us knwo how you are gettng on..

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Re: 8 yrs and findind cures! Hope I can help! :)

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