petadolex (butterbur)

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petadolex (butterbur)

Post  Jewishmother on Mon May 06, 2013 2:53 pm

I have been trying petadolex (butterbur) now for about 6 weeks..............and I actually think I notice a change in my migraines. I have them every day and they usually come in the afternoon/evenings but I have noticed that for the past week or so that even though it feels like one is about to break open that it doesn't quite get there.

Last night I felt sure that one was about to start and it just never really got going (just a few slightly bothersome aura symptoms) and this morning my brain finally hit that threshold and one finally did happen so I am feeling hopeful that maybe the petadolex is having a positive effect in keeping my brain from reaching the tipping point when a migraine needs to happen.

Has anyone else tried petadolex?


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