Is Anyone Going through or recovered from Sporadic Hemiplegic Migraine (SHM)?

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Is Anyone Going through or recovered from Sporadic Hemiplegic Migraine (SHM)?

Post  master2fortune on Fri Apr 26, 2013 9:42 pm

To anyone that reads this topic,

About 3 weeks ago my wife suffered what seemed to be
a Stroke. It was not until my wife was taken to Emergency
by 4 Paramedics that I was advised that my wife had a
Hemiplegic Migraine.

I went back home to Google Hemiplegic Migraine and found
out was 2 types Sporadic Hemiplegic Migraine (SHM) or
Familial Hemiplegic Migraine (FHM).

I am interested that since FHM is not with in my wifes
family so that would mean its SHM. I understand that to
be 1 in 20,000 who would suffer SHM.

Has anyone dealing with SHM or has now fully recovered?

Our local GP was shocked to see how my wife looked as
my wife is 44 years of age so should not have suffered
what he thought was a Stroke.

My wife has slurred speach more apparent when waking
up first thing in the morning, right arm has about 80%
motion but no motion first thing in the morning. Her right
leg feels solid to the touch and when walking has to drag
her foot along the ground.

My wife has had 2 attacks each time taken to Emergency
and taken to a ward for observation.

Currently my wife takes 2 Panadine Extra Caps every 6 hours,
during the day can be 10 hours before needing to taken
another dose.

We reside in Australia so I am not sure what kind of meds
that can be taken with SHM. I could find out if there is
anything my wife can take that can help in being able
to talk easier and walk easier. Please feel free to discuss
what is working for you while dealing with SHM or what
worked that made you fully recover from SHM?

Our local GP stated my wife would fully recover with in
3 months could this be correct?

I look forward to reading your replys



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