Rebounds? Should you tuff it out or take something? How to help yourself?

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Rebounds? Should you tuff it out or take something? How to help yourself?

Post  Alonna on Tue Apr 23, 2013 3:42 pm

Newbie here but i recently had posted about Botox for migraine and side effects. I'm feeling better but I have a bit of a rebound.

I was reading a few post about rebound. When I get a migraine or rebound nothing will stop it.
But this is what I do when I have one or I know I unfortunately have to take a narcotic.

I can relate to a lot of you in so many ways.
I have gone through a lot of what you have gone through.
First things first narcotics can give you the nastiest rebounds ever. Im sure you agree. Sometimes its just not worth it unless your basically ER bound with no other options.

Yet I still have to take medication especially after painful procedures.
I am still trying to figure out how to master this trick?? Any advice there? If I could not take pain relief at all that would be best.

I'll have one of many procedures like this month. I had 20+ trigger points in my shoulder and back then C-1, C-2, C-3 cervical midial branch blocks then a week later the Botox in standard form. The typical 31-36+ shots through the head neck and shoulders. The botox caused side effects resulting in extreme pain and stiffing of the neck.
Not sure how to not take anything? And these are not some of the bigger procedures/ surgeries I've had.
So not sure the method behind the madness so to say.
I'll have something done to help me but it will usually be very painful, I'll try to tuff it out, or I'll end up taking something for the pain. Either way day's after I'll have a migraine.
Sometimes the procedure works for a period of time. Some a little longer than others but I always have to start back over again when it wears off.
I've tried every diet, started working out daily, tried eastern medicine, tried almost every western medication. I could go on and on and on about procedures and meds. My advice to you & what I've found to some what help me is,
if you are having a headache or feel as if you are getting a migraine limit as many triggers as possible to limit how bad your migraine could get.

This has worked for me especially when I know I have to take a narcotic and I will probably end up with a rebound.
If I keep other triggers away it won't keep a migraine away necessarily but it will help it by not getting as bad or as long.
For example for me:
If the weather changes "major trigger" and I feel a headache coming that could turn into a migraine-
I'll limit stress, stay away from flashing lights, (if possible not drive at night), tell friends and family to be supportive, get enough sleep, eat healthy ( no chocolate or msg) I won't go into a department store where there's loaded smells of different perfumes (another major trigger)
and so on.
I have just notice the days get shorter and its not as bad.
Also working out bout 5 days a weeks helps my body and mind.

I hope this helps you. It doesn't take things away but it really does help.
And the narcotics- it helps to cut back as much as possible. Even taking halves is better.
But it would be nice to not have the rebounds at all..

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