Feb. 15,22005 Dr Bob Bowden Wadsworth, Ohio severed my artery during a laparoscopy and disabled me for life

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Feb. 15,22005 Dr Bob Bowden Wadsworth, Ohio severed my artery during a laparoscopy and disabled me for life

Post  kathy on Mon Feb 18, 2013 10:43 am

Feb. 15, 2005 Dr Bob Bowden did an unnecessary laparoscopy (it was an endometriosis flare) sent me to recovery, took me back for a 2nd scope with a transfusion when it was determened I was bleeding internally. He evacuated 1,000 cc of blood thru the scope, ASSUMED the bleeding stopped, sent me to recovery with orders to discharge, and he went to California for vacation! Had I known that he was leaving or that he had written I was a hypochondriac after knowing me 10 minutes, in my chart and then taken me into surgery ..anyway! I would never have let him take me to surgery!! I also found out later he does Botox, Laser hair removal in his office. I have a problem with that. My doc had him look at me in the ER, first time I met him.

Radiology refused to do a CT scan because I'm allergic to the dye, with them it's either dye or NO CT., internal ultrasound was cancelled because they force you to have a catheter to reverse fill your bladder for the pelvic ultrasound first. I begged them to just let my bladder fill naturally with the IV fluid..They said NO reverse fill or no ultrasound!! Nice they use a catheter that will cause a bladder infection also.So no radiology..found out later his office is steps away and attached to hospital. Why no ultrasound in his office? Would have found out no scope was necessary!

Since Feb. 17, 2005 I have had...
18 CT scans
63 Abdominal x-rays
7 Surgeries, 20 hospitalizations, and I'm in the hospital right now with Pancreatitis!!No gallstones. Have no idea why right now.Do also have an obstruction.

So what I am saying is don't consider any surgery minor!
Don't trust a doctor just because your doc asked him to see you.
Don't think of a laparoscopy as a 'Procedure" , it's major surgery. It can kill you however slowly..or disable you for life. I'm disabled and probably dying very slowly and painfully. Take care of yourself.
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