Chiari Malformation and PAIN

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Chiari Malformation and PAIN

Post  ChinChunPie on Mon Jun 11, 2012 6:20 pm

It's now going on 3 years and some. . . I finally in Nov, 2011 had the decompression surgery. . . it has helped slightly - the "hit in the back of the head" feeling is gone. However, and this is huge for me. . . the pain is still coming from BEHIND the right ear through to my right eye and face pain. . . I suffer for 3-5 days of laying in bed. . . nausea, etc. . . . . feeling of being paralyzed in my neck and back. . . this is so frustrating!!
It almost feels like a dagger going in from behind the right ear through to the right eye. . . . sounds cooky, but, idk how else to describe my pain. . . . . Anyone else have this with Chiari (along with many other symptoms)??????


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