Head injuries, migraines, stroke symptoms, spots on brain etc. HELP!!!!

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Head injuries, migraines, stroke symptoms, spots on brain etc. HELP!!!!

Post  Faithtofreedom on Sun Jun 03, 2012 12:35 am

Hello to all here, I am so glad I found this page. I googled the topic of white spots on frontal lobe of the brain. I have had several MRI's of the brain that have shown these spots that are considered "Inconclusive"; on top of that I have had at least 1 mini stroke and two head injuries. I am convinced that the orginal "mini stroke" was caused by the orginal head injury in '04' that finally made a lifetime of periodic severe headaches unbearable. The problem I ran into in '04 was that after an auto accident I began having completely unbearable headaches. I was eventually diagnosed with "Occipital Neuralgia" and eventually had a Pain Management doc freeze the "occipital nerves' in the back of my head to control the pain. However, the opposite happened and I ended up with an unrelenting migraine for almost 3 months.

Recently, an ENT found a partially paralyzed vocal cord that is the only remnant and proof that I had a stroke or brain injury before 2011. The bad thing is that in '04 I was not believed about the pain in my head because of a psychiatric history of PTSD. In fact, I was hospitalized over and over in a psych ward when I needed neuro treatment.

Then in Nov of 2011 I suffered another head injury that was almost immediately diagnosed by a new nuerologist. The headaches have become constant with a migraine level at least 4-5 times a week.

The nuerologist explained to me that the tell-tale spots are actually damaged parts of the frontal lobe because of the migraines, so he says I now suffer a double whammy of mild brain damage along with a mild brain injury that is complicating matters. Every time I get the very bad migraines the entire right side of my body looks like I have had a stroke, although those symptoms usually go away in about 3 weeks after the severe ones.

Has anyone had a history anything like what I am describing? This is getting scary. Thanks for reading my post, I am new here. Any input is appreciated.

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