Neuro Appt Update

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Neuro Appt Update

Post  BabySeal on Sat May 12, 2012 7:28 pm

So I finally got to see my Neuro! I haven't been in since NOVEMBER affraid

This is following up on all the trouble I had with scheduling trouble, and meds not working. The appointment went off without a hitch and made me remember how thrilled I was when I last got to see him since he was a good doctor.

The first thing he sid to me was "ah, still too many migraines for you."

In regard to the abortive meds the nurse prescribed over the phone: he quadrupled the dose for me. cheers

He agreed that my Topamax brain is unacceptable, and we agreed upon halving the dose for now to see if I go back to less side effects.

I have officially been diagnosed with occipital neuralgia, in addition to these lovely monster migraines. So as soon as my insurance company approves it I will try Effexor XR to try to regulate the nerves a bit. Ideally the Effexor would quiet the occipital neuralgia and work with the topamax to reduce my migraines. (Note: Ideal world here lol! )

I also have a sumatriptan injection pen to try out for when my M gets really bad and I am vomiting.

I asked for my own toradol injections..... maybe next time Wink I'll bug him til' the cows come home!

I know I really wanted to switch offices, but if I can fight through the crappy scheduling, and whichever staff member helped me in the past (or lack there of ha!) there is a really good doctor hidden in there!!! Things can't be too simple I suppose.

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