My first full week back at work

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My first full week back at work

Post  Tamsha101 on Fri Oct 21, 2011 8:51 am

Today marks my last day of my first full week back to work. I am SO tired! Last night I was ready for bed at 7:30 but knew I couldnt go to bed that early - too much sleep for me is also a trigger! When the alarm went off this morning I thought someone was playing a cruel joke on me! The last couple of days I've been pretty foggy-headed all day and yesterday had HORRIBLE neck pain which I think was my version of a migraine. It could also be from the 5 straight days of computer work. I try to take frequent breaks but it doesnt seem to help.

How did the rest of you feel after your first week? What do you do to combat "computer head"? My massage therapist says I need to find a job that doesnt involve a computer but not too many do nowadays!


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Re: My first full week back at work

Post  Mini on Sat Oct 22, 2011 2:07 am

I am sorry to hear that you are still suffering so much, Tamsha.
I also find that sitting at the computer is the worst in terms of neck pain and muscle strain, expecially when we need to do it for a long period of time.

I have found that neck excercises helps a lot, but only if I do them on fairly frequent basis because they make my neck and muscles stronger, so there is less strain.

At first I have been given few sessions with my physio (by my GP) to learn how to do it, but I also found a good website where they show you how to do it properly.
They are very easy to follow:

I found Chicken Tuck and Neck Flexion particulary useful. But you will soon find what helps you most.

It is important to start doing these exercises very, very gently at first and as you get to feel stronger, you can be more intense and start adding more exercises.
It might be uncomforatble at first to do them, but do not be discouraged, it does get easier. Do not push yourself, do only little at the time, but do them exactly as instructed, to prevent any accidental damage. And never do them in a hurry.

There are some simple rules to follow, which will help to get the best results, without hurting yourself:

I find that when I take a break from computer it can be a relief "to do" something, and although I am not working at the moment, I ofen spend lots of time on my computer writing, and I find that doing few exercises really helps me to relieve the tension. The tension in the neck gets worse at the begining of migraine, so it feels good to try to do something about it.

I hope that you find that some of the above helps.
I am always grateful even for any small relief from any pain. I am fed up with pain.


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